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Location d'une maison de vacances en Normandie près d'honfleur.
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Le gite de la Muchette en Normandie au alentour d’Honfleur.
A louer maison de charme pour les vacances. Cette location est un gite de groupe en Normandie pour 11 personnes.Le gite est une maison de caractère en colombage typiquement Normande.L’hébergement est situé sur un parc ensoleillé et arboré de 6500 m²
Les enfants serons heureux de trouver une balançoire une cabane ainsi que des jeux : baby foot de bar, jeux divers jeu de fléchette, poney, boules.

The lodging of Muchette Normandie at around Honfleur. A charming house rent for holidays. This location is a group gite in Normandie for 11 people. The cottage is a house of character timbered typically Normand. Accommodation is situated on a sunny park with trees 6500 m² Children will be happy to find a swing and a cabin games: table football bar, games dart game, pony, balls.

Description du gite :
La location qui peut héberger 11 personnes + lit pour enfant bas âge.
Une entrée ; une cuisine équipée, un séjour salon avec cheminée, 4 a 5 chambres. Lave vaisselle lave linge A noter que la maison de vacances est située au calme et sans vis-à-vis. Un endroit idéal pour passer des vacances en famille ou entre amis et découvrir la Normandie. Les locations ce fond uniquement a la semaine pendant les vacances ou au weekend (Hors vacances).

Description of the gite: The location which can accommodate 11 people + baby very young child. An entry, a kitchen, a living room with fireplace, 4 to 5 bedrooms. Dishwasher washing machine Note that the house is quiet and without vis-à-vis. An ideal place for a holiday with family or friends and discover Normandie. The only locations that merits a week during vacations or weekend (except holidays).

Découvrir la Normandie.
Le gite de la Muchette est sur la commune de saint Etienne l’allier 27450 (haute Normandie)

A quelques minutes de pont -Audemer, Honfleur Deauville Cabourg Etretat.Du gite vous pourrez visiter la Normandie facilement car il est au centre des sites touristiques,
Etretat et ses falaises de renon.
Honfleur sont petit port légendaire
Deauville et ses planches avec sa plage de sable fin
Pont l’évêque et ses produits normands.

Discover Normandie. The lodging of Muchette is the town of St Etienne Allier 27450 (Haute Normandie) A few minutes from Pont-Audemer, Honfleur Deauville Cabourg Etretat. From the cottage you can visit the Normandie easily because it is at the center of tourist sites; Etretat and its cliffs waiver. Honfleur harbor are legendary Deauville and its boardwalk with its sandy beach Bridge Bishop Norman and its products.

Visite sur la journée.
Les grandes villes de Normandie Caen Rouen le havre Lisieux.Le mont saint Michel ou les plages du débarquement

La Normandie se visite en toutes saisons et ce gite de charme sera un point de départ pour la visiter.

Honfleur The town of Honfleur (Calvados Basse Normandie.) Is located on the south bank of the Seine estuary, opposite Le Havre, near the Pont de Normandie.
Honfleur has a population of 8100 inhabitants in the winter. The inhabitants are of Honfleur and Honfleur Honfleuraises. the community of municipalities in the country of Honfleur has 15 900 inhabitants of which 13 municipalities Equemauville, gonneville honfleur on the river St. Savior vasouy.
Honfleur .. 30 mm from the cottage! On to the Armada on the banks of Honfleur. Every 4 years Honfleur is the climax of the famous armada. The boats going down the Seine from Rouen in Normandy Bridge is an unusual show.
The parade of boats that finished in Honfleur, or some great sailing calling before returning to sea. You walk in the park of Honfleur (boulevard Charles V) is a quiet place to relax with many games for children.
If you are an athlete you can climb to Mont-Joli on the Plateau d'Honfleur walk with beautiful views of the Normandy bridge.
During your walk will also miss the 2 granaries salt Honfleur classified historical monuments are used for cultural events (concerts exhibitions gallery ...)
After the old dock Honfleur you will find the annual Carrousel with these wooden horses. Honfleur is also parachuting club with the bee (bd Charles V).
Several theaters present a Honfleur (Cours des Fosses). Or why not a walk in the sea (Pier Passengers) beautiful view over the harbor and the bridge of Normandy.
If you want to play tennis possible (Course des Fosses 14600 Honfleur).
One may further in Saint Gatien des Bois you can initiate al'accro branch.
Visits honfleur. The old dock Honfleur -14,600 (Lower Normandy). Hosts many yachts and sailboats. Boaters stop in Honfleur can enjoy a unique setting in Normandy. All year Badeaux enjoy strolling around this very popular with tourists. The wharf river from Honfleur-Liners Paris joining up the seine are moored on the quay. Tourists in the whole world stop in Honfleur then back to Paris the river along the banks. The fishing port of Honfleur The outer harbor welcomes trawlers for fishing daily. The fish are sold every day at auction. The specialty is shrimp Honfleur and the shells St. Jacques. You can buy fresh fish or shrimp to small vendors at the foot of the wharf assured freshness. The commercial port of Honfleur. Third national port in the import of exotic wood with 200 000 tonnes imported from Africa.
The Hill of Grace and La Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce these "ex-voto" The walk along the estuary of the Seine.
Behind the garden personalities 2 km walk along the Seine. Nice view on the Normandy Bridge and the harbor. The Saint-Leonard Honfleur -14,600 (Lower Normandy).
A Gothic church St. Leonard is the witness of medieval times. This is the area of the tourist office and library.
Guided tours of the Port trade port of Honfleur (Check with the tourist office of Honfleur). The area of the enclosure - 14600 Honfleur (Lower Normandy).
Administrative district, city hall, shopping, attic salt. This area of Honfleur has preserved its authenticity (old streets and houses with wood sides,) paved streets. Wood du Breuil - 5 kilometers from Honfleur small forest for hikers.
The naval museum -14,600 Honfleur (Lower Normandy).
Exhibition on fishing, shipbuilding, bound and dedicated to the sea The park, dubbed "the garden named" -14,600 Honfleur (Lower Normandy).
Garden Personalities presents seventeen busts of figures who influenced the history of Honfleur (Boudin, Baudelaire, Satie, Monet ....) -14600 Honfleur (Lower Normandy). Eugene Boudin Museum Tel: 02 31 89 54 00 Housed in the former Augustinian chapel around seven themes the museum also devotes an exhibition of contemporary artists and exhibition of 19th century painters Monet, Boudin, Courbet, Mozin .. ..- pastels, portraits, landscapes and seascapes on Honfleur.
The church Sainte Catherine place Berthelot masterpiece of the Middle Ages. Historical Monument in 1879.Visitez its salt warehouses, it is unique wooden building with a tower separated by shipwrights -14,600 Honfleur (Lower Normandy).)
The market in Honfleur (Du Cours des Fosses at Place Sainte-Catherine) on market day in Honfleur is Saturday. The organic market (Place Sainte-Catherine) every Wednesday morning. The beach of Honfleur.
Route de Trouville by the cornice. You do not come to the beautiful beach as Honfleur document flower possesses far more belles.On include beach Booty located at the entrance to the city, free parking, playground for children showers, cabins. Vasouy beach located on the coast road, towards deauville less touristy and quieter.
The Festival of Sailors and Fishermen in Honfleur that she held the weekend of activities organized Pendecôte! Every year the port of Honfleur hosts many old rigs to celebrate the feast of shrimp.
Honfleur cradle of Impressionist art city Gustave Courbet, Eugène Boudin, Monet contributes to the fame of Honfleur. Galleries, painters on the docks, contemporary artists, sculptors. Painters are ubiquitous on Honfleur. The galleries are concentrated in the center city (Dauphin, quai Saint Etienne, Place Sainte Catherine) Tourism Honfleur. Quai Lepaulmier - 14600 Honfleur - Tel: 02 31 89 23 30 - Fax: 02 31 89 31 82.
Sea cruises and tour boats in Honfleur. You can visit the port of Honfleur several boats dock provide output with beautiful views of the Normandy Bridge The Calypso Christian Cap - Series Escape or Nice France Appointments Pier Passengers. Between Honfleur and Trouville, learn Cricqueboeuf Church with its medieval tower.
On the set of Grace which is located on the heights of Honfleur learn the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace and the ex-voto "it was built around 1600 by seamen from Honfleur. Other activities on Honfleur. You can introduce you to Mini Golf Boulevard Charles V Tel: 02 31 89 06 03 11 tennis courts on honfleur Adventure Peaks of Val Saint-Gatien-des-Bois The GR223 way past customs The GR 223 hiking trail that connects Honfleur in Avranches.
Honfleur Carriages Carriage Rides through the streets of the city with coupling (tourist season) Small tourist train The train is parked at the bus station in Honfleur you can not miss it.
Bowling at the foot of the bridge of the Normandy Bowling includes 10 tracks. Za Shelf 14600 Honfleur. Municipal Swimming pool (Swimming trunks only) located boulevard Charles V 14600 Honfleur Adult: 3.50 euros Children 2.50 euros
Bar, piano bar, pub, on Honfleur 20 rue Lord of the Republic 14600 Honfleur The Melody 58 rue Haute 14600 Honfleur

Visit throughout the day. The major cities of Caen Rouen Normandie Harbor Lisieux. Le Mont Saint Michel and the landing beaches Normandie to visit all year round and this charming cottage will be a starting point for the visit.

Distance from cottage to the cities below.
. Amiens: 172 km from the cottage in Normandy
Paris: 153 km Accommodation Norman.
Chartres: 132 km to rent in Normandy
Alencon: 111 km of rural cottage
Dreux: 97 km from the house in Normandy
Caen: 80 km Accommodation Rouen: 57 km of rural cottage
Evreux: 57 km from the house in Normandy
Le Havre: 53 km Accommodation Lisieux: 33 km to rent in Normandy
Honfleur: 34 km from the cottage
Deauville: 45 nn rental Depending on your taste and your desires Normandy will be conducive to the discovery of any kind. Swimwear: The Sea and the coast was bustling during the summer season with the resorts of the Cote Fleurie Deauville houlegate, Villers sur Mer, Cabourg. The rating of alabaster with Etretat, Le Havre, Fecamp and the Benedictine Abbey.
Nature: The cottage is surrounded by meadows, hills, and groves are worth for the discovery of the Normandy countryside.
Cultural: Museums, Abbey beak Hellouin Memorial of Caen, Normandy landing beaches of Omaha Beach Basilica of St. Therese of Lisieux The cider route, the route of the huts,
Gourmet: cider, calvados, knob, cheese (Camembert bridge Bishop livarot). Seafood and fresh fish, Andouille ledge. Trou Normand (calvados caught in the middle of the meal).
Large weekly markets Norman
Monday morning at Pont-Audemer 27,500, 10 km from the location in Normandy.
Tuesday morning Beuzeville 27,120 is 21 km from the house in Normandy.
Friday morning at Pont-Audemer 27,500 10 km of rural cottage in Normandy.
Friday morning Cormeilles 27,260 16 km from the accommodation normandy high country market in July and August.
Sunday morning Trouville 14360 (normandy has 44 km of the lease. (Fish market every day) Small local markets.
Tuesday morning in Montfort-sur-Risle (in Hall) 27290 10 km of rural cottage in Normandy. Wednesday morning at Saint-Georges-du-Vièvre 27,450 2 km from the charming accommodation in Normandy.
Thursday morning to 27,560 Lieurey 7 km from the house. Epaignes Saturday morning (in the hall) 27260 10 km from the cottage Muchette.
Sunday morning Lieurey 27,560 7 km from the rental. Sunday morning Bourneville 27,500 20 km from the accommodation in Normandy.
Sainte-Opportune la Mare 27,680 is 19 km from the cottage to market apples from October to April.
The Neuburg: 27110 (Upper Normandy) is 33 km from the holiday home Wednesday morning farm produce animal farmyard. Market foie gras 24/04, 30/10, 20/11 and 11/12
Pont l'Eveque: 14130 (Lower Normandy) is 33 km from the cottage.
Monday morning, small cheese producer The markets for local produce and handicrafts.
Sunday morning in July and August Cormeilles 27,260 (upper Normandy.) Is 16 km from the cottage The Wednesday morning market at the Cadran Lieurey selling cattle at auction 27560 (upper Normandy.) 7 km from the cottage
Etretat. A 65 km from the seaside resort cottage Access via the bridge of Normandy, is a destination not to be missed. For more details click gite Etretat in Normandy Etretat Abbeys in Normandy.
The route of Norman abbeys. (Upper and Lower Normandy) Normandy has many abbeys Notre-Dame du Bec-Hellouin Jumieges Wandrille Mortimer St., Notre-Dame de Bernay, Le Mont-Saint-Michel and many others over 36 in total. A brochure is available at appointed cottage along the abbey in Normandy. To help you to visit here are a few near the cottage. Discovered! They are an architectural extraordinary! More details of the Norman abbeys Bishop Bridge in the heart of Normandy.
Bishop Bridge (33 km from the cottage).
Bishop Bridge famous for its cheese is a typical village in the heart of the Auge and Normandy. Bishop's Bridge are also regional market on Sunday and Monday in summer. See also during your stay in Normandy. the Normandy Bridge. (Connects the Calvados and Seine Maritime at the foot of Honfleur.) Completed in 1995, the Normandy Bridge held the world record of cable-stayed bridges with the 856 meters. This record is being beaten by a Japanese bridge. The

Normandy region rich visit. Indeed the richness of departments Calvados Eure and Seine Maritime is full of opportunities for visits. There are flowers on the coast and seaside resorts of Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Houlgate, Villers sur mer, Blonville Sea, Honfleur, Etretat, but "inside" also deserves a visit.
The route of the cottages, (Haute Normandie) is 22 km from the cottage ex Marsh vernier. In Drive for the day you can visit.
The landing beaches through Caen. (1:30 o'clock in the cottage) Holy Mother Church, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, Pegsasus Bridge. Lisieux 14100 (Lower Normandy). Basilica of St. Theresa Avenue. F John XXIII - The bell tower of 45 m, a crypt with mosaics depicting the life of St. Therese House Ste-Therese R. Caramel F - 14100 Lisieux. You can visit or lived Teresa during her jeunesse.
Cathédrale holy stone - 14100 Lisieux began around 1170, was completed in mid-13th century Museum of old F Lisieux Boulevard Pasteur - 14100 Lisieux A beautiful half-timbered house in the 16th s contains illustrations of old Lisieux and the Pays d'Auge Fecamp 76400 (Haute Normandie) Museum of Newfoundland and the fishing port fishing and boating (river Bérigny) Bérigny Pier F - 76400 Fecamp Beach Boulevard Albert 1er - the Benedictine Palace 110 rue Alexandre Legrand - 76400 Fecamp Abbey of the Trinity l. of général.e-Leclerc - 76400 Fecamp Museum of Arts and Children 21 st Alexandre Legros - 76400 Fecamp.

The UNESCO World Heritage Harbor (Haute Normandie) Chapelle Notre-Dame-des Plots R. Charles-Alexandre Lesueur - 76310 Sainte-Adresse (Haute Normandie) Sugar Loaf. Charles-Alexandre Lesueur - 76310 Sainte-Adresse. Show apartment of Auguste Perret Le Havre Museum of former Havre1 st Jerome Bellarmato - 76600 Le Havre (Haute Normandie)
Harbor The meanders of the Seine La Fromagerie du Plessis direct sales to the cheese: Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and 14h to 18h.SAS Fromagerie du Plessis 27,560 Noards. Rouen 76000 (Haute Normandie)
The old Rouen and its big clock-timbered houses. We suggest renting the cottage Rural Muchette in Normandy near Honfleur.Ce cottage is a vacation rental in a charming detached house with fireplace for 10 to 11 personnes.Situé Normandy house is quiet and sunny to spend quiet holiday. Honfleur is available in 30 minutes from the house making it an ideal place to visit Normandy and Calvados. The location makes this a week during the holidays.
Possibility to rent the holiday weekend off scolaire.Ce cottage is referenced on several sites that specialize in hosting holiday rental. If this cottage does not suit you can click on the links of our partners specialize in vacation home vacation cottage and bed and breakfast. You will find accommodation in Normandy calvados or throughout France.

Lower Normandy Deauville 14,800 A 40 mm from the cottage is a must Deauville famous plates will be visiting. The sandy beach welcomes you for a swim. posh resort of Deauville Normandy is a place for excursions and entertainment. During the summer holidays or major weekends the resort is plagued by the Parisians as the sun begins to shine. For more details click normandie deauville deauville Trouville sur mer 14,360 Lower Normandy Trouville-sur Mer near Deauville is just separated by a bridge or running the oil drum. A beautiful sandy beach awaits you. The downtown is lively bar and restaurant to enjoy seafood, casino, shops. Visit also the great tropical aquarium Trouville sur mer located along the beach. Trouville-sur-Mer is also a nice little fishing port. Do not miss the fish market every day.
The Trouville resort offers many activities during the summer months. Trouville Aquatic Complex with 2 sea water pools (indoor and outdoor). Musée de Trouville Paintings by Charles Mozin Andre Hamburg, Savignac.
Caen Chateau Ducal Caen Fortress has seen substantial Inside the Museum of Normandy. (Dedicated to the history of all the historic Normandy.)
Museum of Post and Communication of Caen Retrace the history of the postal stamp, and the phone beautiful antiques on communication. Model of the city of Rome caenTrès beautiful model at the time of Constantine in the early fourth century made at 1 / 400 th Abbaye aux Hommes Built in the eleventh century Parc Michel d'Ornano Caen Musee des Beaux-Arts in Caen Parc Floral de la Colline aux Oiseaux, Caen Carpiquet -
- Festyland Amusement park for children.
The botanical garden in Caen Some villages around the house.
Saint Georges Vièvre 2 km from the holiday home. Bourg any trade.
Tourism. Features Castle Launay Regency era. Saint-benoit-of-shadows 8 km from the rental. The Noah-colt 3.5 kilometers of the rental.
Montfort Risle 10 km from the resort. Friendly town surrounded by the Risle (mills and laundries) Brionne 18 km from the holiday home.
Brionne is a charming little town situated in the beautiful valley Risle. Brionne has a religious and architectural heritage rich and varied. Features: Brionne the dungeon of the 11th century (a few square Norman towers.)
The estate of Lorraine beautiful building in brick and stone is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The mushroom is located in a cave the oyster mushroom grows 2km of galleries, visiting time 1 h. Abbey beak Hellouin 27,800 Le Bec-Hellouin Tel: 33 (0) 2 32 43 72 60 The field of battle.
The mill love. Park soret the fountain. The gardens closed St. Francis. Musseer the memory of the soldier. For more details on Brionne: Beuzeville 20 km from the rental.
Bridge l'évêque 33 km from the accommodation .. To see the leisure deck Bishop, the automobile museum. Castle Betteville, St. Michael's Church, The Museum of calvados. The cheese shop., Cormeilles 16 km from the resort. A nice place to see a half-timbered houses. Cormeilles is also a multitude of flea markets and antique shops.

Bernay 23 km from the holiday vacation. To see the church of Notre-Dame-seam and its magnificent stained glass windows. Bernay Museum exhibits paintings and sculptures antique furniture.
The Abbey of Notre Dame. Holy Cross Church. Harcourt, 24 km from the holiday home. To see the castle and its beautiful park. Blangy-le-chateau 25 kms to the rental saisonnière.
A see former post cock Hardy. The Neuburg 33 km from the rental. To see the church St. Peter and Paul. Built in the late fifteenth century. The Greenway (bike ride). ecomuseum milling. Bourg-Achard 25 km from the holiday vacation. To see the church of Saint-Lô.
Lieurey 7 km from the accommodation. Beautiful houses and cottages Normandy. Features The circuit of Norman houses 27km arrow number 1.
Bourneville and Museum presents traditional occupations of Normandy. 14,640 Villers-sur-Mer 50 km of seasonal rentals. -To see the Museum of Paleontology located al'office tourism. -
The fossil cliffs of black cows. Located on the road of Auberville are a reference for understanding the history of life, and the Jurassic seas. Rich in fossils are classified site of scientific interest. Back to the description of the cottage near Honfleur click cottage in Normandy

Some good restaurants to enjoy the good products Norman Muchette
Normandy is also good restaurants with local produce. I propose a small list of restaurants in frames often sympathetic (Thatched cottages, timber-framed houses, Norman frames with beams and fireplaces, green setting). Change of scenery guaranteed!
Le Petit Coq aux Champs. 27,500 Campigny. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 5.5 km from the cottage (cottage Superb setting in Norman) Traditional cuisine 25 € / 43 € drink included In the Garden of Eden. Route de Condé-sur-Risle - 27500 Pont Audemer (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 8 km from the accommodation.
(Norman House transformed into a restaurant in the middle of a pond.) Traditional cuisine from 20 €. Beau L'Auberge du Carré. 1 wheel of English -27,260 Epaignes. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 8.5 km from the rental (beautiful red brick house.)
Kitchen up to date. from 28 €. Le Clos de Ambrosia. The Subtle Forge - 27260 Fresne-Cauverville. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 10 miles from home. Traditional cuisine / table d'hôte € 25 all inclusive.
Risle on Belle Isle. 112 route de Rouen - 27500 Pont-Audemer. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 10 km from the location. (Super frame! Shady terrace surrounded by centuries old trees.) Traditional cuisine from 30 € to 64 €. Erawan Only 4 Rue - 27500 Pont-Audemer. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 10 km from the cottage.
(Amazing contrast Thai food in a Norman) Asian Cuisine from 20 € -- Auberge de l'Abbaye place William the Conqueror - 27800 Le Bec Hellouin. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 13 km from the accommodation.
You can eat here during your visit al'abbaye Bec Hellouin. (Local produce in rustic decor.) Traditional cuisine from 22 € L'Auberge du President 70 st Abbey - 27260 Cormeilles. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 13 miles from home.
(Norman Decor with beams and fireplace) Traditional cuisine from 15 €. The Canterbury 3 r. Canterbury - 27800 Le Bec Hellouin. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 13 km from the location. Traditional cuisine is from 19 €.
Le Logis Place St-Denis - 27800 Brionne. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 14 km from the cottage Modern cuisine day from 21 €.
Risle Seine 5 place de la Mairie - 27500 Bourneville. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 15 miles from home. Traditional cuisine is from 18 €.
The Housewarming 27,210 Maclou St. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 15 km from the accommodation. Cuisine du terroir from 14 €. The Stables Place de la Mairie - 27,350 Routot. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 18 km from the rental Traditional cuisine from 15 €. L'Auberge de la Vallée 7 route-Brionne Nassandres - 27550
La Riviere Thibouville Nassandres. (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 19 km from the cottage Food flavor of the day from 13 €. From Paquin Road Moyaux-14590 Moyaux. (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 20 miles from home.
Hostellerie du Moulin Fouret 27300 Bernay (Eure Haute Normandie) Distance: 23 km from the accommodation. Classic Cuisine from 28 €.
Mercury 14100 Lisieux (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 25 miles from home. Traditional cuisine is from 18 €. Auberge des Deux Barrels 14,130 Pierrefitte-En-Auge. (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 25 km from home (framework in a beautiful rustic cottage)
Regional Cuisine from 26 €. Willow Manor. 2 place Saint Martin - 27370 La Saussaye (Upper Normandy) Distance: 26 km from the location.
Kitchen up to date. from 55 €. Le Manoir du Soleil d'Or. 23 ratings Nassandres Paris -27,550 (Haute Normandie) Distance: 35 km from the accommodation.
Kitchen up to date. from 25 €. Auberge du Vieux Logis. 27,210 Conteville (Upper Normandy) Distance: 39 km from the accommodation. Kitchen classic card from 65 €.
Delicacies 29 Abbey Street Cormeilles -27,260 (Haute Normandie). Distance: 48 km from the cottage. (Housed in the former cheese factory in the village.) Bistro cuisine from 40 €. 22 place Hamelin, 14600 Honfleur. (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 51 miles from home. Inventive cuisine from 50 €.
The terrace and the plate. 8 place St Catherine -14,600 Honfleur. (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 51 miles from home. Traditional cuisine from 32 €. The dolphin. 2 Church Street -14,130 Le Breuil en Auge. (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 58 km from the cottage. Kitchen up to date. a partir de 38 €.
Jean Luc Tartarin. 76 avenue Foch 76600 Le Havre. (Seine Maritime Haute Normandie) Distance: 60 km from the accommodation. Food flavor of the day from 40 €.
The orange grove. 12 quai Monrival -14,800 Touques. (Calvados Basse Normandie) Distance: 61 miles from home. Kitchen up to date. a partir de 27 €.